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A year ago when everything changed in the matter of a week, I was thinking that it would last multiple months and that I needed to just settle in and try to accept the changes.

Flash forward a year and our numbers are going up again and restrictions have been increased again where I live. The vaccine is a light at the end of the tunnel, but I think that tunnel is still pretty long. I’m still settling in and trying to accept where we are at (some days I do this better than others).

Everyone’s experiences during the pandemic and current experiences will be different depending on where you live and the type of medicine you practice.

No matter what your experiences have been, there is a good chance that the pandemic has impacted your eating in some way. Maybe it has meant more eating during stressful times. Maybe it has meant regaining weight you thought was gone for good. Maybe it has meant not reaching goals you had set for yourself.

Whatever has happened with your eating or your weight, it is ok. Your brain has faced stresses it had no previous experience with and so of course it turned to old habits. The important piece will be what you want to focus on now, in the next year.

This week’s podcast episode is about making sense of what has happened with regard to your eating and making a plan for moving forward depending on your current situation. You may still be facing ongoing restrictions (like me) or you may be starting to get back to more “normal life”. Each has its own potential impacts on eating and I discuss them all in this episode.

Many of you may still be processing grief and loss related to COVID. If that is you, my thoughts are with you.

Listen to this week’s podcast below.

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