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You have power to create change in your life.  You can create anything you want and reach any goal but first you need to own your power to do so.

We have been taught that we don’t have power to create change.  That change must come from some external source like “the perfect diet”.  But the reality is, external processes only work when the real change starts within.

It starts with that spark of “maybe I can” thinking and if you fan it with belief in yourself and your own power, it builds into a fire within you.  A fire that lights you up and keeps you going even when the going feels tough.

It’s this internal fire that helps you follow your eating plan, not the eating plan itself.  This fire that helps you know what you want for yourself and go out and get it.

Sometimes it can feel hard to believe in your ability to stick to healthy eating for the long haul.  That’s normal.  You’ve been taught your whole life that sticking to diets is something outside of your control.  You may have been told the way you eat to feel your best is not sustainable. Or you may have been told that everyone regains weight.

The challenge with these beliefs is that your brain will always go to work to prove them correct.  If you believe something is outside of your control, your brain will happily show you a thousand examples of times it felt out of your control.

But here is the great part, you can use this to your advantage.  Choose beliefs that empower you and your brain will show you all the evidence for why those are right.

And start with the simple belief that you have the power to create change.

See where it gets you..

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In this episode.

  • Recognize that your power exists in your thoughts.
  • Make compassionate decisions about what you can control.
  • Challenge disempowering beliefs when they come up.
  • Actively believe in yourself - you don’t need to wait for evidence.