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This week’s podcast episode is a special one.  I am joined by Dr. Matthea Rentea and Keri Williams for a round table discussion.

In this episode, we are sharing our best practical tips to manage the most common challenges you may be facing in your weight loss.  You get to learn from not one, but three experts in weight loss.

Keri Williams and Matthea Rentea MD are the co-founders of The School of Sustainable Weight Loss and The Weight Loss for Life podcast where they help women to break the pattern of over eating. Matthea Rentea is a primary care physician that has lost over 60 lbs after a lifetime of not being able to lose weight. Keri Williams is a coach and EFT practioner that has lost over 40 lbs. They combine coaching and other modalities to finally bust through self-sabotage for busy women, helping them to health their relationship with food and their body.

You can find them on their website here or you can listen to the Weight Loss for Life Podcast here.