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Losing weight successfully means creating new habits and behaviours in your life.

If you are anything like me or the physicians I work with, you probably have some habits you want to create or behaviours you want to change.  You may have been working on these for a long time.

And yet it can feel like they never stick.

Maybe you have some wins and stick to the new behaviour for a couple of days or weeks.

But then suddenly it feels like you just can’t continue it.

What gives?

First, this is super normal.  Brains don’t like change.  When you start to create change in your life, even if it is the most fantastic thing for you, your brain will naturally resist it.  That’s ok.  That’s normal.

But this is where you can get messed up.

The immediate response when you encounter resistance will be to work harder.  To find more willpower. To push yourself more.  And maybe even to beat yourself up a bit about not getting it right the first time (in the hopes that this will make it stick).

The problem is that this feels hard.  It assumes you aren’t working hard enough which simply isn’t true.  And it takes so much energy to overcome the resistance that it isn’t sustainable.

And so the new habit never gets established.

The better path is to focus on the resistance.  Don’t work harder, work on removing what is creating resistance. Find the resistance and understand it.  Dismantle the resistance piece by piece.  And then continue forward with ease.

Listen to this week’s podcast episode to learn more about how to find and manage the resistance so that your new habits stick and you find the ease you are looking for.