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Your brain is a fantastic computer.

Ask good questions and it will give you good answers.

The right question will provide focus and direction for your brain.

It can take you from feeling confused and overwhelmed about how to approach a challenge, to knowing exactly how you will do it.

With the right questions, you feel more confident and at ease.

It’s simple, efficient and effective.

This week in the podcast, I’m talking about the question I am using in my own life…

“What Would Thriving Look Like?”

I have been loving this question.

It changes everything.

Dreading a full day at work… What would thriving look like?

Debating whether to eat something or not… What would thriving look like?

Deciding what to do next in your day… What would thriving look like?

This one question focuses your brain on what is most important to you.

It cuts through the drama.

It gives you control over your experiences.

And it creates space to respect what you truly need.

Listen to this week’s podcast to learn practical ways that you can use this question in your days.

Remember as you try this question on – Thriving is not perfection. Sometimes it looks like taking a break. Sometimes it looks like focussing and getting work done.

There is no right answer when you ask yourself this question. Trust your intuition with it.