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Could the reason your eating and weight journey feels so hard really boil down to one missing question?

I think so.

I remember those days all too well. Promising myself I’d stick to my diet, only to find comfort in pizza by Wednesday. It was a mystery. I’ve tackled bigger challenges in my life; why was this one beating me?

But here’s the thing I didn’t realize back then: it wasn’t about me not trying hard enough. The issue was I’d been taught the wrong approach to manage my eating habits.

The truth hit me hard—I was dreading the life I thought I needed to lead to lose weight. The thought of being on a strict diet for months on end? No thanks. That’s not a life I wanted, which is why it never worked out.

Then, everything changed with one simple question:

“What experience do I want?”

This question opens up a whole new world. It means you don’t have to feel trapped or eat food you hate.

You can lose weight and actually enjoy the journey. Want it to be fun? Exciting? Something to look forward to? It’s all possible.

Maybe you haven’t tried this approach because no one has told you it’s an option.

So here’s your invitation to think differently. Check out this week’s Thriving As A Physician podcast episode below. It’s all about starting with the kind of experience you want to have.

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