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In this episode I am talking about digging up old beliefs. Old thoughts or habits that come from an old belief and how they impact you today.

These old beliefs can be anything from “I’m too big” to “I need to diet” to “I will never lose this weight”. These are beliefs that you may have carried with you since you were a child, and can come from something someone said that you assumed as a truth and continue to carry it with you.

Sometimes, these beliefs come from family culture; there are beliefs that your parents lived with and passed to you. You assumed them as your own truth and continue to carry them with you.  

Some of these beliefs are great! Celebrate those ones

But others are painful beliefs, hidden, that could be holding you back and that will stay as hard truths in your brain unless you actively work to change them.  When looked at closely, you may realize they don’t apply to you in any way (and never did) or that you simply would like to no longer believe them.

What beliefs do you have, and even if they sound factual, how do they show up in your life? Once you determine what beliefs are there, ask yourself if they accomplish what you want for yourself right now. Or, do they hold you back? And the ones that hold you back, how can you let go of them?

You can change your beliefs.

What if, instead of thinking you are too big you make the decision to change your beliefs? What would happen if you change your belief to be “I don’t have to think I am too big. I am exactly as I was meant to be”?

The more you practice not engaging in them, the less they happen and the less you buy into them when they do come. You get empowered. You start to see change happening. You build momentum. It takes awareness, practice, and time.

If you can learn to recognize your beliefs (the ones that are not serving you in a positive way) and practice not engaging with them then they will begin to happen less frequently. And then, when they do happen you will be less likely to buy into the belief. This is when you start to feel empowered. You start to see change happening and you build momentum.

It takes awareness, practice, and time. 

Listen to the full episode here where I explore these different beliefs and how releasing these beliefs can bring ease and sustainability to your weight loss journey.  So you can lose the weight you want for good.