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What Happens When You Struggle?

If you are like me, as soon as things start to feel more challenging in the weight loss department, your brain may immediately assume everything is broken.

I picture the chicken from the sky is falling here. Something small happens and our brains decide the sky must be falling.

Not only does our brain decide the sky is falling, it broadcasts this fact to us over and over and over again.

When my brain gets into this loop, it is a constant loop of thoughts about what I did wrong and how I should have done it differently. It also starts throwing some confusion about the whole plan on top just to really muddle things up. Maybe I should be following a different plan. Perhaps this is a sign I should just give up. There must be some other program out there that will work better for me. I must just be missing some magic piece of the weight loss puzzle….

I have been through this loop so many times, it feels like a familiar friend. It happens far less now that I actively work on managing my thoughts, but it can still creep in. And man, is it ever detrimental for long term weight loss.

If the sky is falling, why would you bother?

The problem with this thought pattern is very simple. Aside from being exhausting to the core, it makes you feel horrible. And if you are doing everything wrong and nothing is working, what would be the point of trying?

How easy would it be to choose a healthier option if you don’t think it will do anything? Not very.

A better way

The honest truth is this: Nothing is going wrong. No matter what has happened, what you ate, what the scale has said, nothing is going wrong.

Now I suspect your brain may not want to agree with me here. And that’s ok. But imagine if you could believe this. If you believed nothing had gone wrong, it would make it so much simpler to just continue on with your plan. No matter what happened, you could focus on the next best step and move on.

Try it. Nothing is going wrong.

You’ve got this.

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