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I was always the heaviest in my friend groups.  I have fantastic friends – love them to pieces – but I would always feel a little self conscious that I wasn’t doing something right.

How could they stand beside a bowl of chips and not seem to care? How come I was the only one who had a belly that could not be let loose in a bikini? Why did I feel out of control around certain foods and no-one else did?

I took it to mean that there was something wrong with me. That I must be broken in some shameful way.

If you are in that place right now, I see you.  I know how that feels.

And I know that it just isn’t true.

I was not broken and neither are you.

We are humans with human brains. If you relate to this story, you have probably been (like me) gifted a brain that likes food as a reward. That’s ok.

The problem lies is in the comparison-itis that these thoughts create.  If you feel like your approach to food or your body is broken, it is likely because you are comparing yourself to some external standard.

Our brains are very good at finding evidence to prove ourselves right.  So if you think you are broken, your brain will go to work finding all the evidence (and showing it to you ALL. DAY. LONG.) that you are indeed broken.  It won’t show you the ways your are progressing and growing or even succeeding.

So then you feel defeated. You feel drained because these thoughts have been harassing you the whole day.  And if you have stress or binge eating, that is a powerful trigger to eat.

And guess what? Then your brain uses the eating that it caused as evidence that there is something wrong with you! And the cycle goes on and on….

If you resonate with this email, then this week’s podcast episode is a letter to you. It will teach you how damaging these thoughts are and how to step out of this cycle. Don’t wait, you need to hear it now. Click below to listen.


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In this episode.

  • Feeling like you may be broken is directly related to comparing your journey to others
  • Everybody’s journey will be different, and that is normal and okay
  • Focusing on internal measures of success and letting go of the comparison will help you reach your goals but also make your days feel better.