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Dr. Sadiya Kukaswadia

As Doctors, it is easy to assume that we are healthy and doing well.  Sometimes we don’t have the time to go see our own physicians to find out if this is actually true.  Or maybe, if you are like I was, you may know that you aren’t doing very well health-wise but prefer to avoid finding out how bad it is and so don’t go see your doctor.

This week’s guest has an inspiring story of how she was suddenly faced with the news that she had two significant metabolic health conditions.  Dr. Sadiya Kukaswadia took this a turning point in her health and made significant changes to her diet.  Through this lifestyle change, she has transformed her metabolic health.  Not stopping there, Sadiya has embraced low carb living and has started an instagram account “My No Sugar All Spice Kitchen” where she posts about her meals and recipes she has developed.  Listen to the podcast episode below for more details.  

I think Dr. Kukaswadia’s story is an important one for multiple reasons.  The first is that it truly shows the power we all have over our own health and how simple changes in what we eat can have dramatic impacts on our health.  

Her story also highlights the importance of physicians seeking medical care for themselves.  All to often, we try to care for ourselves as we feel too busy to take the time to go see our own doctor.  I get it! Making appointments for ourselves can feel overwhelming or it becomes the thing on our to do list that we just never get to.  But the reality is, we can not have the same objectivity about our own health as another physician can.  If you haven’t lately, please make the time to go see your own doctor.

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