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The middle ground.

Not good, not bad.



When you are working on losing weight for good, feeling neutral about the process is the best place to be.

You don’t always have to be excited and sometimes feeling too excited can actually trip you up.

But feeling resistant, deprived or restricted makes the process harder.

So embrace the neutral.

Find thoughts that allow you to feel neutral about your food… neutral about how long this process is taking…. neutral about the numbers on the scale.

When you find this space of neutral feelings, the weight loss process becomes simpler. It becomes easier to keep going. To keep taking the actions you need to take. It no longer has to hold all of your attention.  You don’t have to always be exerting effort to stay on your plan because staying on your plan feels neutral.

One of my favourite thoughts to use to feel neutral about food is: “That was a choice”.  Try it. It works for any food choice and helps you be in the best place to make choices inline with your goals.

Listen to the podcast episode below to learn more how to harness the power of neutral thoughts.

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