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Around January 1, the world gets hyper-focussed on weight loss.

This means that your email inbox and your social media feeds are likely packed with different messages about weight loss.

Call me a jaded old weight loss coach, but I am so over everything our society teaches us about weight loss.

It makes me feisty to think about how much harder it makes your journey! (Seriously – I get feisty in this episode – you should listen)

Here are a few tips for navigating the new year’s weight loss messaging:

🌟 Anything that makes you feel less of an amazing person because of your eating, your weight or your body… unfollow & unsubscribe immediately. Life is too short.

🌟 Anybody who tells you there is ONE right way to lose weight … unfollow and unsubscribe. The concept of one right diet for all is simplified and will feel like a diet

🌟 Approach all your goals from a place of what you want more of in your life. There is no place for shaming yourself into losing weight. It doesn’t work and it feels like crap. Meet yourself where you are at and make plans that will actually be doable in your life.

🌟 Commit to eating food that you enjoy to lose weight. You deserve to like your food. Eating stuff you don’t like short term to lose weight will make it just that ⇒ short term. If you don’t know what you could eat that you will enjoy and will work for your body, commit to figuring it out.

Bottom line – you are amazing right now. You do amazing things every single day. Don’t let any weight loss or eating goals take any of that away from you.

This week in the podcast, I will teach you about how to navigate all of this messaging and create plans that work, but that also feel good for you.

👉 Click below to listen to the podcast episode and get a weight loss pep-talk like no other ♥️

Let’s make 2023 incredible.

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