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“I do ok if I can just keep the chocolate out of my house. Should I just try to keep it away from me?”

This came up in a recent coaching call inside Thrive Academy for Physicians and I thought I would share my thoughts with you in this week’s podcast episode.

Back when I was first doing Obesity Medicine, I was taught the concept of “environmental control” as a foundation of behaviour change.

This is the classic clearing out of your pantry when you start a weight loss program and then overspending at Costco on all the healthy food you want to be eating.

I think this can be a helpful tool and if it sets you off on a good foot, go ahead and do it.

There are holes in this plan.

If the only skill you use to feel in control around tempting food is to avoid being around it, at some point chocolate (or whatever other food you are avoiding) is going to pop it’s tempting little head into your life.

And then what?

You may find yourself feeling like you have no choice but to eat it and then feeling like you have to start from square one afterwards.

It doesn’t have to be like this. There is another option here.

Limit how much you are exposed to the foods that are challenging for you, but then ALSO work on the skill of being around them without being bothered.

Think of how much more sustainable it would be if you knew how to be in any food situation and not be bothered?

Listen to this week’s Thriving As A Physician podcast episode below to learn more about navigating a world filled with food with ease.

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