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How to Make Your Internal Narrator Help You Lose Weight

In the story of your life, how do you cast yourself? Are you the hero, saving the day and getting stuff done? Are you the villain who messes everything up for everyone? Could you be the victim in the story that things keep happening to? Or are you the goofy sidekick?

We all have an internal narration of our lives and interestingly, we often don’t narrate ourselves very nicely.

It is important to recognize what these stories are and take the time to decide whether they serve us or not. Because these stories are happening whether we look at them or not and they definitely influence our behaviour and our mood.

It’s Like Someone is Whispering in your Ear All. Day. Long.

If you are like most of the people I work with (and myself), the default narration in your brain is generally negative. Along the lines of how you aren’t quite good enough, didn’t follow your plan well enough, aren’t losing weight fast enough… Sound familiar? And they happen all day long just like someone was hanging out with you and whispering mean stuff in your ear all the time.

The problem with these thoughts is that they ultimately make you feel bad. They generate emotions of guilt, failure, sadness etc. And when you feel bad, how likely are you to stick to your eating plan? How empowered are you likely to feel about your weight loss?

Probably not very.

You Can Change Your Story

The beauty of recognizing these stories is that you can choose whether to continue them or change them.

Once you start changing them and casting yourself in a better role, so much will change in your life! You an achieve things you have never dreamed possible all by telling yourself a great story about how it will happen.

You can be the hero, the star of the show who gets things done and achieves her goals. You just have to start by thinking that way.

So the next time you catch a negative story in your mind, decide if you would prefer to change it. Choose something that will work better for you and craft a new story.

To find out more about changing your internal story, listen to this week’s podcast below.


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