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Welcome to the second episode in the Weight Loss Kickstart series on the podcast! In this episode you will hear and learn how weight loss is about more than just the food. 

Learn how to change your thoughts so that you can approach your weight loss in a way that feels kind and supportive.

The episodes in this series were originally recorded during the live sessions in my recent Kickstart Challenge.  They are so full of valuable information that I couldn’t keep them to myself. I am excited to share them with you over the next couple of weeks. 

Even if you participated in the challenge live, I encourage you to listen again. You may discover new details and new information that you didn’t catch the first time around.

Weight loss is about more than just the food. Your mind, and how you approach losing weight, is the biggest thing that will influence how it feels. 

There is no “diet” out there that will give you the feel-good feeling that you’re looking for. Instead, you can use intentional thought work to create a way of eating that feels good for you. So that you feel content and satisfied and are accepting of the way that you are eating for your body, all while not being bothered by all of the other food. 

This doesn’t come so much from changing food, rather it comes from your thoughts. Learning to change your thoughts is one of the most powerful tools in weight loss.

Ask yourself…do you only focus on your perceived failures in weight loss? Do you ever take a moment to celebrate your successes, big or small?

The way you think is what you create. When you focus on your success you create more success. Practice acknowledging your thoughts around weight loss and make yourself the hero of your weight loss story.

Listen to the full episode to learn more about how you can reconfigure your thoughts around food and how it relates to weight loss. 

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