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On today’s show I want to talk with you about how reclaiming missed areas of gratitude can change your weight loss journey. Ask yourself this question: how can you be happy when you reach your goals if you aren’t happy with where you are now? We think reaching the goal will bring happiness but that just isn’t true. It is easy to hit your goals and move on to the next one without pausing to enjoy the accomplishment.

Feeling gratitude for where you are, exactly in this moment will help you move towards your goals but also enjoy them more when you reach them.

Why do we miss out on gratitude? I believe it’s because, as a society, we are always in a hurry. We are rushing toward the end point without realizing there is no real end point. There is only a new beginning. You need to re-focus and appreciate what you have already accomplished.

So many people think that their bodies don’t deserve gratitude because of their size or shape, but this kind of thinking only makes forward momentum harder. Practice shifting your mindset by being grateful for the fact that you can make choices and that change can happen.

To end the episode, I want to leave you with some actionable tips for practicing gratitude. Think about the hardest thing in your life for you to feel gratitude about. List all the things about it that make you grateful for it. Look for the small things day-to-day you can be thankful for and note them. Be conscious of when stress creeps in and how, then switch your focus to gratitude instead. Finally, start a daily gratitude practice. Every day, write down just 3 things you are grateful for and see how your mindset shifts over time.

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In this episode.

  • We miss out on gratitude because we are always rushing forward.
  • Focus on the small things every day that you have gratitude for.
  • Coming from a perspective of lack is only causing yourself more stress.
  • Gratitude is a journey and takes practice.