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Interview with Dr. Richa Mittal

This week, I am happy to welcome Dr. Mittal to the podcast to chat about anti obesity medications.

Dr. Richa Mittal is the Founder and Medical Director of Radiant Health Weight Loss and Wellness in Frisco, Texas. As an Internist and Diplomate of the Board of Obesity Medicine, she provides medical weight management, diabetes care, as well as preventive health services in the Dallas Fort Worth area.

Dr. Mittal’s unique program uses an integrative approach that treats the whole person- combining specialized medical care with customized nutritional guidance, mindset and health coaching. She is passionate about addressing her patients’ needs holistically, by treating the medical, social, emotional and lifestyle aspects of their lives in order to help her patients achieve life-long health.

Anti-obesity Medications

This is an important topic to talk about as anti-obesity medications (otherwise known as weight loss medications) have gotten a bad rap over the years. A lot of us remember the various ones that seemed to promise a revolutionary way to lose weight and yet ultimately were pulled from market for health concerns.

Modern day medications are a different story. There are many choices (depending which country you live in) that are considered safe and effective.

The problem is that these medications are still surrounded by some stigma. People hesitate to take them because they feel they “should” be able to lose weight on their own. Coverage for these medications is often more difficult than for other types of medications which reflects ongoing weight bias in our society.

When talking about anti-obesity medications, it is important to start the conversation with the concept that the medical condition of obesity is a chronic long term medical condition, never a personal failure or sign of weakness. Obesity is a complex, multi system condition that can be difficult to treat. Medications are a tool in treating it.

Another Tool in Your Tool-belt

Just like we think of medications as tools in treating hypertension, diabetes & depression, they are also a tool in treating the condition of obesity. This means that they are not a cure-all. They don’t fix everything. But they can be an important component of a multidisciplinary approach to weight management.

Listen to this week’s podcast episode by clicking below. Dr. Mittal and I discuss our experiences with the various medications available currently. As always, this podcast is meant for education purposes only and is not meant to replace medical advice. If you have questions about your own health or medications, please contact your physician.



Build Your Own Weight Loss Tool-kit

Private coaching is a fantastic way to build your own personalized weight loss tool kit. This is not about a one-size fit all diet plan. You’ve probably been there, done that and have not seen the results you wanted to. Imagine figuring out exactly what you need to do for your body to lose weight but also how to do it consistently for life. What this means for you is weight loss without the struggle and without relying on willpower.

Find out what a difference coaching can make in your weight loss by booking a free introductory session below. You can do this. I’ve got your back.