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What are your magical foods?

We all have food that we ascribe magical powers to on a daily basis. I would like to argue that these “powers” get in the way of our long term weight loss efforts. These powers are often the reasons we use to eat off of our plan.

Think through the foods that you eat that feel more than “just a food”. What powers are you giving these foods? Below, I will talk about the various magical powers that food can have in our lives.

The Power of Irresistibility

These foods are impossible to resist. There is no way that food could be in front of you and you not eat it. Sound familiar? What are your irresistible foods?

The problem with this is that it is giving all of the power to the food. You become a victim who has no say in what you do or don’t eat. If you are thinking this way, you will always end up eating the food because you are telling your self that you have no choice.

The Power of Making Our Life Better

These are foods that you couldn’t imagine not having in your life. A life without these foods seems empty and grey. These are foods that you may be willing to forgo your long term goals just to keep in your life. If you have ever said, “I could never give up [insert food here]..”, then you are giving your food this power.

The reality is this just isn’t true. You can totally life a fantastic life without certain foods because living a fantastic, exciting life has nothing to do with what food you eat. Living a fantastic life has everything to do with how you think about your life and what experiences and relationships you seek out and foster.

Sugar would be a very common food in this category. Our brains have become so dependant on sugar that it feels like it would be horrible to live without it. However, ask anyone who has deliberately given up sugar and most will tell you that life is better on the other side.

The Power of Doing Non-Food Things

What about the food that can calm you down? Or the one that can make you happy? These are non-fuel activities that we have decided our food can provide.

The tricky thing is that it does provide it briefly. How long does the relief last for you from eating a sweet treat when you are stressed? Minutes? But food is unable to play this role for more than a few minutes. When food is our only solution, we need to eat more when the benefit wears off.

How do you Neutralize these magical powers?

The first and biggest step is realizing that these powers have nothing to do with the food itself. These powers are coming from our mind and our thoughts. Listen to this week’s podcast for my 4 step plan to neutralize these magical food powers.

You can feel in control around any food.

In my private one-on-one coaching program, I will teach you how to feel in control around any food, even the ones with magical powers! Through coaching, we will change your relationship with food and to create a life where you can manage your weight with ease.

If you want to improve your control around foods, book your free introductory session now.


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