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I felt lost without bread the first time I tried eating lower carb.  It felt so uncomfortable to not eat something that had been such an essential part of my daily food.

Flash forward quite a few years and eating low carb feels completely normal and natural to me.  Making low carb choices at restaurants or when I have to cook a quick dinner is no big deal.

This week in the Thriving As a Physician Podcast, I’m sharing some of my best tips on how I make it work while juggling my clinic and feeding kids etc.

Want some highlights of how to be successful with low carb eating?

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🥑 Understand the Science Behind Your Food Choices.  Low carb eating is about helping your body use body fat for fuel more.  Knowing that deciding to have a cupcake isn’t about the calories, it’s about the impact on your metabolism has been really helpful for me.

🥑 Choose Your Own Approach.  As soon as I start talking about lower carb approaches, everyone immediately assumes keto is the best version.  This is only true if you feel that you can happily eat keto for the rest of your life.  Create a version of lower carb eating that fits into your life and that you will enjoy so you can be consistent with it long term.

🥑 Find Ways of Staying on Track During Your Busiest Days. I personally don’t track macros or use phone apps to record my food because it doesn’t work for me when I am busy.  Instead I developed my eating blueprint, which I teach in Thrive Academy for Physicians, that allowed me to lose weight without always recording my food.

🥑 Ride the Learning Curve. If you are new to lower carb eating, expect a learning curve.  The new food choices won’t feel as automatic or comfortable until you have been eating low carb for a while.  Make a commitment to yourself to keep looking for the food options that you love and find the variety that keeps you excited about the food you are eating to lose weight.  This takes a while.  It’s ok if it feels uncomfortable at times.

Be sure to check out this weeks podcast for more practical tips about making lower carb eating work in your busy life.