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Let’s talk about love…  

Valentines week is a perfect time to think about new areas you can create love in your life.

Creating love in specific areas can be an extremely powerful weight loss tool.

After all, we have been programmed that losing weight should be hard, feel restrictive and make our food choices a big field of grey boringness…

Is it any wonder we find it difficult to stick to the food that will help us lose weight???

Let’s say a big Buh-Bye to the idea of suffering to lose weight.

It feels like crap and doesn’t last.

No more suffering.

Instead, I encourage you to focus on developing love for the changes you are making.

Enjoy the process.

If something doesn’t feel enjoyable, then change it.  Ask yourself what will make it more enjoyable.  Give yourself permission to experiment.

That’s how you start developing the customized approach that will get you to your goals (and let you stay there for good)

Nowhere is this more important than with the food changes you are making.  

Change the story about the food that helps you lose weight — learn how to love it.

(Feel like that might be a big stretch?? Then you definitely need to check out this week’s podcast episode!)

Stop pining for the food you are choosing not to eat — decide that those foods don’t need to bother you anymore.

Trust yourself that you can design a way of eating that you will love AND lose weight with.  I promise that it is possible and SO worth the effort.

And listen to this week’s podcast episode to learn all my inside tips about how to love eating low carb.  Click below to listen to the episode.

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