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It’s one of the most powerful tools I can teach you in your weight loss.

And yet, it is often the hardest skill to adopt.


Because we all have been disempowered and conditioned to expect ourselves to fail at our weight loss.

Every time you have struggled, your brain has collected more evidence that you can’t trust yourself.  Media and other influences then reinforce that.

And so it feels hard to trust.  It even feels a little dangerous.  Like something might go wrong if you believe in yourself too much.

🤫 Pssstttt… NOTHING will ever go wrong if you believe in yourself

Trust first.

Lead with trust in yourself that you can figure this out.

Trust yourself to find solutions that work for YOU and YOUR LIFE.

Trust that when you hit challenges, you can speak nicely to yourself.

Trust that you will have your own back even when the next step isn’t obviously clear.

Imagine how much better your weight loss will feel.

This is such an important topic (and I’ve been hearing about challenges with it from a lot of physicians lately) that I decided to share some tips for you on this week’s podcast.

Check out the full episode below and then start practicing trusting yourself.