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Let’s talk about sex baby…🎶

You know I can’t resist a little 90’s throw-back. And today, I am singing the classic Salt & Peppa song while I write this.

Feel free to sing along…

Because this week on the podcast, we are talking everything about sex with Dr. Kelly Casperson, author of the new book “You Are Not Broken: Stop Should-ing Over Your Sex Life”.

Listen in to learn why so many women end up having bad sex and tips to improve your sex life.

Sexuality is an important part of quality of life and thriving.

And yet it is often an area that is impacted by life demands, body image issues and weight challenges.

Which is why I think it is so important to talk about.

(And it’s why I regularly have guest coaching on sexual intimacy inside Thrive Academy for Physicains).

Regardless of your partner status, your weight or your size, you deserve to honour this part of your life.

Listen to the interview below.

And then go buy the book!