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Work-life balance.

Does it even exist??

Sharing my thoughts in this email and in this week’s episode of the Thriving As A Physician Podcast.

I spent most of the early years of my career swinging wildly from feeling like I was doing okay and saying yes to the requests to take extra shifts, to slamming up against the wall of burnout and pulling away from everything… and then as soon I started to feel better, I would get right back in the cycle.

Have you been there too?

As a <cough> more seasoned physician, I have a different view on balance and my years of coaching physicians has helped form the tips I share in this episode.

Balance is not a destination.

Creating balance is a practice and it needs to be life long.

It means letting your personal needs enter the equation and noticing if they are being neglected.

And then it means working back towards meeting your own needs as much as you meet everyone else’s.

You will never find balance and stay there. I don’t think that’s how humans work.

But the more you practice it, the better you will feel.

Now, I don’t panic when I realize I’m completely out of balance. I’ve practiced this enough that I know what to do to start feeling better and can trust that things will get better.

I used these tools this spring when I realized I was getting quite burnt out again.

Make sure you have a listen to this episode below. It’s an important topic that we could all use more of as physicians.

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