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Interview with Dr. Jessie Mahoney


Joining me this week on the podcast is Dr. Jessie Mahoney. And we are talking all things parenting. Parenting stresses are one of the biggest triggers for eating in my clients.  This is what makes it such an important place to work on in a long term weight loss journey. 

Not only can kids and teens be stressful, but then we often layer on the parent guilt about not measuring up in some way to a parenting ideal.  It can be exhausting and can get in the way of enjoying the time you have with your kids. 

Dr Jessie Mahoney is a pediatrician, a physician wellness expert, a yoga and mindfulness instructor, and a coach for physicians and parents.  She has over 20 years experience as a pediatrician and has led physician wellness in a large HMO for 17 years.  She facilitates mindfulness and coaching retreats for physicians and is a frequent speaker on wellness and parenting topics. 

Coaching and mindfulness are the 2 tools that she has found to be the most helpful for physicians and parents to help them find calm and ease, see possibilities, and create a more meaningful life.  She coaches those who are “successful on the surface yet struggling underneath.”  Her specialties include helping you improve your challenging relationships – marriages,  parenting, colleagues, and with your own parents – as well helping you navigate career transitions, and eliminate feelings of overwhelm and emotional and physical clutter. 

Make sure you click below to listen to the full episode.  It’s a great one, packed with practical approaches. 


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