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Many physicians have told me that they don’t think they can ever lose weight…

… maybe because they look at their family and see an inevitable genetic destiny of weight issues

… or because their body has changed (like with menopause) and isn’t responding the way it did 10 years ago

… or because they feel like they have tried everything and haven’t been able to maintain any success from all that effort.

This is such a common fear that I wanted to share my tips in this week’s podcast episode.

There are a lot of other reasons why you might be thinking you can’t lose weight.

If deep down you worry about this, you aren’t alone.

As physicians, we face our own personal doubts but then also tend to use our knowledge of the evidence around weight loss against ourselves.

Let’s be honest, the evidence for lasting weight loss is depressing at best.  And then when you read about set point theory and how the body will always be trying to come back to its previous weight, you wonder if you should even bother starting.

I used to feel the same way.  I spent a long time thinking I was at my set point.  I focussed for years on the trail of perceived failures I left behind me.

Here’s what I think now.

Just because population data hasn’t shown effectiveness in weight loss, doesn’t mean an individual can’t lose weight and keep it off.

But that lasting weight loss isn’t going to come in an “off the shelf” diet.

If you think you can’t lose weight, all it means is that you are facing challenges that haven’t been addressed yet.

Every single challenge can be solved in multiple ways.  

You just have to start being creative and looking for solutions that feel good and work in your life.  

When it feels good and fits into your life, it is going to be more sustainable.

Listen to the full episode below to learn my tips to overcome this.

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