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Are You Always Hungry?

Feeling hungry and unsatisfied by food can be a big hurdle in your weight loss journey.  Hunger is a powerful experience that can feel very intense. It is hard not to eat when you feel hungry and so how do you stick to your eating plans in the face of hunger?

In this podcast episode, I’m giving you all the reasons why hunger might be showing up in your life.  Understanding the type of hunger you have and what is driving it will put you in the best seat to manage your hunger.

Eat to Feel Satisfied

What you eat makes a difference in how you experience hunger.  Highly processed foods and sugars will drive physician hunger. They are not as satisfying and don’t give the same full signals (this is recognizable by anyone who has ever found themselves at the bottom of a bag of chips without feeling overly full) but they also drive hunger later that day.

Recognize what is true physical hunger

Not all hunger means you need to eat.  A lot of things we perceive as hunger is actually a desire to eat for other reasons. Our brains have connected food to many roles other than just fueling our bodies.  You may feel hungry in response to a stress or to boredom. Or you may feel hunger just because you walked past a food cue.

Learning what hunger means it is time to eat and what hungers mean you actually need something different is really important.  If you can build routines and techniques that allow you to generally only eat according to physical hunger, you will have a much smoother weight loss journey.

Click to listen to the podcast episode below to learn how to understand your hunger and start to feel satisfied.

Hungry for Control Over Your Eating?

If you are feeling out of control with your eating and are not sure why, I can help.  With coaching, I help you go from feeling out of control to eating healthy in a sustainable way that works for your life. 

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