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No matter how careful you are at following your chosen way of eating, at some point you will find yourself wanting to get back to it.

Because you are a human with a human brain living in a very food focussed environment.

Eating food that doesn’t help with your weight loss doesn’t mean you have failed.

And when you have the skill of getting back to what was working, it’s no big deal either.

Last week I was on a girls trip with a bunch of friends and ate way more carbs than I would normally eat (and had a ton of fun doing so 😁).

So I thought I would sit down and record a podcast episode sharing my best tips for getting back to lower carb eating.

This episode will be helpful for you regardless of your chosen way of eating.

To hear my practical tips that help me get back to my lower carb eating (even on a busy week where I am juggling my office and call), then check out this week’s Thriving As A Physician podcast episode below.

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