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Think of your current goal.  How do you feel?

If you feel overwhelmed, fearful or worry that it might be impossible, please check out this week’s podcast episode. I’m giving you some great tools on how to get past the overwhelm and fear and start making some real progress.

Big goals feel scary (especially weight loss goals).

That’s ok.

You have had big goals and nailed them already.  There is no question if you can reach a big goal.  100% if you put your mind to it, you will do it.

The challenge is that last piece… putting your mind to it.

When you want to reach a goal but keep getting overwhelmed by the size of it, that overwhelm directly gets in the way of you putting your mind to it.

It may look like one day you have a flash of inspiration and feel the DEEP WANT for the goal and then the minute you start to think about taking action towards it, something freezes up inside of you.

👉  You want to lose weight but never get around to planning a healthy lunch on your clinic days.

👉  You want to eat healthy but feel stuck in the pattern of having extra snacks at 3pm to just get through the rest of your afternoon.

👉  You want to exercise more and feel better in your body but hit snooze everytime the alarm goes off in the morning.

All of these responses are ok.  Please don’t shame yourself if you identify with some (or all) of them – that will just keep you stuck.

Feeling overwhelmed about your goal means you are viewing it as too big of a chunk.

Now you might be tempted to break a weight loss goal down into smaller numbers – and that is totally great and can be very helpful.

But this week, I would encourage you to break any goal down into smaller skills.  Every single goal is a collection of challenges and potential skill development.

That’s it.

Identify a manageable feeling challenge.

Decide what skill you need to focus on to overcome this challenge.

And then practice.

And keep doing that all the way to your goal.

What an insider view on how I am using this in my own life with lots of tips to make it work in yours? Then listen to the full podcast episode below.

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