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Chances are, you’ve probably experienced times when you felt that you failed at weight loss. 

Times where you tried and didn’t lose weight.

Times where you lost weight and kept it off for a while… but then it came back.

Times where you lost some weight and then ended right back where you started (or with even more weight).

It is easy to view these weight loss attempts as wasted energy. 

To think that if you had been doing things “right” you would have lost the weight and kept it off for good.

But this is a thought error.

None of them were wasted.

Every single time you have tried to change your eating or lose weight, you have gained wisdom – regardless of whether the weight came off or not.

If you are considering previous weight loss and regain as wasted time and energy, you aren’t going to be able to access this wisdom.  It will be hidden from your view.

Learn how to access and use this wisdom to reach your goals in this weeks’ episode.

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