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What do the holidays mean to your weight?

Weight loss over the holiday season… Impossible? Is weight gain inevitable?

Most of us have evidence from past holidays seasons that it is a time of year to gain weight. Only a handful of us have evidence that it can be a time of year to lose weight.

The great new is this: Our past success or failures do not need to define our future. Even if you have gained weight every single holiday season as an adult, that does not mean you always will or that you always should.

Believing that holidays = weight gain is a limiting belief that trips us up year after year.

So this year, I invite you to consider adopting a new belief. What if you practiced believing that you can enjoy the holidays and maintain your weight or maybe even lose weight? What if you believed that is would be simple and happen without struggle?

Now you are cooking with gas!

Planning is Key

If you are letting go of the beliefs that you have to gain weight over the holidays, and choosing to believe that you can enjoy the festivities and maintain your weight with ease, you are going to need some tools.

The best tool I can teach you is to spend time planning your holidays.

This doesn’t mean you don’t get to eat any of the special foods you look forward to. It means that you intentionally decide which foods are most important to your holiday experience. Then you plan when you are going to eat them and how often.

The rest of the time, you work on managing your thoughts around the other foods that you are choosing not to eat. Remember that deprivation comes from our thoughts about foods, not from lack of the actual food.

Listen to this week’s podcast for in-depth dive into creating your own plan for the holidays.



Do the Holidays Trip You Up?

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