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Ever feel like you are starting a game of high stakes poker when you are deciding to lose weight?

This is how we have been trained to treat weight loss (and it seriously messes us up!)
👉 Losing weight = gambling with failure
👉 There are only 2 options – win big OR lose
👉 You must focus intently and look extremely serious throughout
👉 Just stay focussed on getting through the game, you can relax when it is over


Doesn’t sound like much fun when I write it all out like that, eh?

And guess what, weight loss that isn’t fun doesn’t last.

There is no finish line. The game of long term weight management doesn’t end.

Which is why it is so important to LIKE what you do to lose weight.

Every single thing you decide to do to shed pounds should be something you would be happy to do for the rest of your life.

Let’s start treating our weight loss journeys more like a game of Twister.
👍 Reach and push yourself a bit (it won’t always feel easy)
👍 Have a lot of fun
👍 When you fall over, have a good laugh and then get back up and keep going
👍 It’s a heck of a lot more fun with friends who are playing the same game

Listen to this week’s podcast episode to learn how to stop treating your weight loss journey like a high stakes poker game.

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Thrive Academy will teach you how to create more fun, joy and ease in your weight loss journey so you reach your goals with confidence that the weight isn’t coming back. (All while learning to thrive in your life too!)

No more gambling.

No more high stakes.

Fun. Community. Results.

Learn more at:

In this episode.

  • How to stop treating your weight loss like a high stakes poker game