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Let’s talk about New Years and Weight Loss.

Resolutions are the classic approach… Decide that this coming year will be different… Give up old habits and swap them for the “right” ones… reach all your goals in record time!

Sounds simple and clean.

(I think that’s why we are often attracted to the idea)

And yet they don’t feel that good.  Resolutions feel a bit like an itchy wool sweater.  Seems like a good idea on a cold day but makes you squirm a bit and question your decision pretty quickly.

This is because they are built on the idea that you did something wrong in the previous year.

Resolutions are often designed to atone for where you think you aren’t measuring up in your life. To correct your self-perceived defects.

And that feels yucky.  No one wants that.

So how do you harness the energy of the new year in a way that feels good and helps you reach your goals?

It starts with the story you tell yourself about 2021.

Whether 2021 brought weight loss, weight gain, weight plateaus or any combination of the above… It is ALL OK.

This is what learning looks like.

But here’s the thing – on default, your brain will tell you a horrible story about what has happened.  And that story, if left to its own devices, will pull you AWAY from your goals.

You need to re-write your story.

Write a story with you as a hero.  Focus on the parts that went well.  Celebrate your accomplishments (even if they feel small) and choose to learn from any challenges so you can work on conquering them.

Learn how to write your hero story and why you REALLY need one in this week’s podcast episode.  Listen to the full episode below.


In this episode.

  • Learn how to write your hero story
  • Learn why you NEED a hero story
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