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I was curled up on the couch digging into a good book (one of the Lady Sherlock series – have you read them? I’m totally obsessed with them right now 📖 )

It was a rare Friday morning where I didn’t have to run into work right away and the sun was shining through the window. Kids had left for school. The house was quiet.

Yes, I had stuff to do. But nothing pressing.

And then I heard it – that voice saying “wow! you’re sure being lazy today”

It said it with some urgency, like something bad was going to happen if I didn’t get going.

Which made me think of you and all the physicians I’ve worked with who find it hard to relax and take downtime.

When did we lose the skill of having downtime?

When did relaxing and just being get labeled as something bad in our heads?

I decided to record this week’s podcast episode on this topic because when it comes down to it, this inability to relax impacts your eating and weight.

In fact, not taking time to care for ourselves is the number one reason why physicians struggle with their eating.

So when you think about it, intentionally being “lazy” is actually a weight loss tool.

If you just said, “Wait…what???” don’t worry 😆- I explain it all inside this week’s podcast episode.

Listen to the full episode below.

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