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Interview with Judith Gaton, Stylist and Coach

How often do you stare at your closet and feel defeated?  When all the clothes in there seem to make you feel fat and frumpy?  That’s not good for you self esteem.  It’s much better to find the clothes that make you feel good, regardless of your size or shape.

That can feel easier said than done, especially when you don’t fit in conventional sizes.  Enter Judith Gaton of the New Glam Gal Podcast.  She is a stylist and post weight loss style coach.  This podcast episode is full of practical tips for finding clothes that feel good regardless of where you are on your weight loss journey.

Judith covers the importance of proper fitting undergarments and how to find them for your body shape.  She also gives great tips about conquering fitting room anxiety and emerging with clothes that fit.  But most importantly, she talks about how to learn to like and accept the body you currently have.  

Developing a positive body image is crucial if you feel you have weight to lose.  Weight loss coming from a place of positivity for yourself is an entirely different experience than weight loss that is forced because of shame and dislike for your body.

Find Judith on her webpage,  and get more stylist tips on her podcast, The New Glam Gal.

For more information about your thoughts and how they apply to body image, check out this post and episode.


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In this episode.

  • Body image
  • The importance of underwear
  • Style before weight loss
  • Style after weight loss
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