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Tis the season for gift giving so let’s talk about what gifts you want to give yourself in the coming year. Ask yourself: how do you want to treat yourself and how will it impact those around you?

Why give yourself gifts? The simple answer is because we tend not to. In general as physicians, we give ourselves to everyone around us before we give to ourselves. These gifts can be time to yourself, a new hobby, getting help in a certain area of your life or even a simple mindset shift.

What supports you and is best for reaching your goals? You can shift your thinking and be intentional that what you are doing is a gift.

You don’t have to feel guilty or selfish for self-care. When we take time for ourselves, we create more time for others. Taking that time only serves to help you be more engaged and focused on others in the long term.

Deciding to shift a thought as a gift to yourself can be very powerful. For example, We are taught weight loss is hard. When we think something is hard, we are much less likely to succeed. Give yourself the gift of making it easy. Choose to believe that it could be easy and let yourself find ways to create the ease.

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In this episode.

  • Give yourself the gift of feelings. Allow yourself compassion and pride. Practice gratitude for what you have.
  • Don’t be ashamed to prioritize yourself.
  • Be intentional with your thoughts and focus on the benefits of what you need to do.