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I am happy to share a very special interview with Gary Taubes. Gary is an award-winning science and health journalist, as well as Co-Founder and Director of the Nutrition Science Initiative (NuSI). He is the author of multiple books and a former staff writer for Discover. His latest book, “The Case for Keto” was recently released. In this interview, Gary shares his views on the current science behind low carb eating, and how bias towards obesity has impacted management of obesity in modern medicine.

When I was first learning about using a lower carb approach to eating, Gary’s book “Why We Get Fat” and various interviews I was able to watch online really helped me understand the science behind why lower carb eating works.  So it was a real pleasure to have this opportunity to sit down and chat with Gary directly.

When writing his new book, Gary utilized the clinical experiences of 120 medical professionals and researchers. He explains that the low carb movement has shifted over the years from personal experience to research and clinical experience. Despite this, the standard procedures remain largely unchanged. Many dietary approaches are written off as fads, even though conventional medical advice having little to no success.

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