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Enjoy the weight loss journey, it will go faster.

Have you ever driven a long distance with kids in the car?  All the “Are we there yet?”, and “How much longer” coming from the back seat can drive you crazy.  I catch myself saying the same stuff as my parents used to say to my brother and I: “Just relax and enjoy the ride.”,  “We will get there when we get there.”  and “This drive will go faster if you just relax and enjoy the scenery. Can anyone find a moose?”.  One of the best skills I have developed as an adult is the patience to get through long road trips. The same is true for weight loss.  We are often so impatient to get where we want to be that the process feels painfully long.  It never happens as fast as we would like.  How much longer???? What if you decided to enjoy the weight loss process and have some fun with it? Wouldn’t the weight loss process be so much better?  I would hazard a guess that it would feel easier and you would be more likely to keep going rather than making a sudden stop along the way.  Enjoying the process in weight loss means taking care of yourself now so you can have joy in your life.  As physicians, this is something we don’t do that well. We often put work and everyone else ahead of ourselves. This is a pathway to burnout and emotional eating. I recommend scheduling in fun activities and self care activities to your calendar to make sure you are not last on your to do list.  Have fun now so you can relax and enjoy the journey as you get to your new weight.  Try to enjoy learning new tools to use in your weight loss.  Have fun learning to manage your thoughts around your weight and weight loss.  You are strapped in the car anyways, may as well learn to enjoy the scenery as we go!

Weight Solutions for Physicians Podcast

This week’s Weight Solutions for Physicians Podcast episode gives you my best tools for creating some fun in the weight loss process.  Scroll down to listen in your browser or listen on iTunes, Google Play or Stitcher.

Download Your Free Worksheet

I created a free “Find Your Fun” worksheet so you can apply these tools to your life.  I really recommend sitting down and writing out your answers. It is so much more powerful to put it in writing.

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