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Sharing a little story with you today…

I was feeling like I had been exercising really consistently through the fall. I was feeling good and felt like I was building fitness for a half marathon I have coming up in the spring.

But then I discovered a little feature in Strava that charts your fitness…

To my surprise, my fitness had actually taken a tank dive through the fall instead of improving. 😯 📉

But I was exercising regularly, right? How could this happen??

This story is an example of what amazing editors our brains our and how they actively work to support our beliefs.

What I discovered (after thinking about it for a bit) is that I had made plans to exercise but my follow-through had been inconsistent.  

Injuries, work, being on call, fear of being eaten by a bear 🐻 while running on a dark morning… all of these things had been making it hard to follow through on my exercise plans.  To the point my fitness level dropped (when I thought it should be going up!)

Chances are, there are places your own brain is playing editor.  And this editing may be getting between you and your goals.

Where do you think this might be showing up in your life?

Learning how to follow through on your plans better and catch your brain’s “autocorrect” function are important skills to lose weight for good.

This week on the Thriving As A Physician podcast, I will teach you how to follow through better.  You don’t want to miss this one – it’s an essential skill! Click blow to listen.

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