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This morning, while running on the trails and knowing that I didn’t have to be anywhere at a specific time, I felt spontaneous and free. Like I could choose a different trail, go a different route and take my time. And when I finished my run I felt replenished. I had filled up my bucket.

What activities do you have in your life that replenish you and fill your bucket?

It is important to find activities that replenish you on a regular basis. And it is important to give yourself permission to do them. It is so easy as a busy Physician and as a mom to lose sight of the things that replenish you. 

But imagine what you can accomplish in your day when your bucket is full and you feel replenished.  When you go through your day knowing that you have gotten what you needed.

It might not be easy.

Taking time to do the things that help you feel replenished can be hard. Maybe you feel like you are taking time away from others around you, your kids or your family. But, what if filling up your bucket created more of you so that you can give more to others?

When you actually do feel replenished, notice how your focus changes. You are more productive and you feel happier.

How does this relate to weight loss?

When you feel out of control with your eating it is often because you are missing something, a core need, in your life. And when you are deprived of a core need your brain looks for an easy answer and turns to food for instant gratification.

The eating is a stop gap. It only briefly makes you feel better. It doesn’t fill your bucket. In fact, if you start to beat yourself up after eating then you may ultimately feel worse after eating, rather than better.

When you take care of yourself, the food cravings fade. 

Having activities that replenish you and that give you what you need at your core, is very important to your weight loss. We spend a whole week on this idea in the Stress Eating SOS program because it is such an important part of your weight loss journey. 

Find activities that light you up, excite you, make you feel good as YOU. Not as a mom, physician or any other role that you play, but you.

Remember, it may not feel great right away. It might take a few tries, so commit to trying something a few times in order to truly determine whether it is something replenishing to you.

There is no downside to taking care of yourself.

To learn more about how you can feel replenished, listen to the full podcast episode.