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How much easier would it be to reach your goals if the journey was one that you enjoyed and were excited about? On this week’s episode I will show you how to lose weight while being 100% in love with the process.

Think about something that you love doing. How does it feel when you are participating in that activity? Does it feel easy to take the steps to do the activity? Do you even sometimes look forward to when you get to do the activity?

Now imagine feeling the same way about your healthy living behaviours. Think about how easy it would be to prepare your food or go out for some exercise if you truly loved doing it.

The trick is to learn how you think about the activities you already love and then work on applying similar thoughts to your weight loss journey. Don’t focus on not hating the weight loss journey – find the love in it.

Don’t wait to reach some goal or a particular weight before you change the way you feel. Rather, work on actively changing your mindset now. Spend time practicing positive thoughts and notice the negative thoughts. Visualize yourself loving your weight loss journey and all the activities it involves regularly, and notice how it starts to feel easier.

Feeling gratitude for where you are, exactly in this moment will help you move towards your goals but also enjoy them more when you reach

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In this episode.

  • Approach your weight loss journey the same way you approach your favourite activity.
  • Take the time to practice positive thinking.
  • Be intentional in your thought process.
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