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How do you approach failure?

Do you avoid it at any cost or do you seek it out? As a physician, many of us have spent a life of avoiding failure. We pushed ourselves through our undergrad to get the marks we needed for medical school.  And then once in medical school, failure wasn’t really an option.

Fear & avoidance of failure becomes embedded in us through the whole process.

Within our weight loss journey, it is really easy to assign failure.  Our brain is often looking for all the things we aren’t doing well enough or all the things we may have done “wrong”.  This can really deflate motivation and commitment.

Failure = Good

What I would like to propose to you is that failing is good. It is not something to be avoided or feel bad about. It is the path to your goals. The way we learn and grow and overcome obstacles that feel insurmountable is by trying and failing and trying gain.

This applies to weight loss too.  What if it was completely fine that your past attempts haven’t worked in the way you would like? What if each of those attempts are the fuel you need to get to your ultimate goals?

Listen to the episode below to learn more about how to apply this to your weight loss journey.

You Can Lose Weight Without Struggle

Weight loss coaching changes your entire experience of weight loss.  Things that have always been a struggle, become simply easy. Habits melt away. All without relying on willpower.  It’s not magic, it’s the power of coaching.  Book your free introductory session today to find out how I can help you lose the struggle.