Dr. Evelyne Bourdua-Roy

This week’s episode is a great interview with Dr. Bourdua-Roy.  She is a Family Physician in Quebec, an author of two books and and Obesity Medicine Physician.  She operates a metabolic health clinic using a lower carbohydrate approach with her patient.


Dr. Bourdua-Roy’s first book was recently translated to English and is now available at most Costco Warehouses in Canada.  It is a great guide for anyone approaching a lower carb way of eating and covers the details and the science in a very easy to understand format.  The back half of the book is full of easy recipes.


Click below to hear Dr. Bourdua-Roy’s interview and her best tips for being successful with a lower carbohydrate approach to eating. Be sure to check out her book at your local Costco (and soon on Amazon).


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