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Have you ever had one of those days where you just don’t know what to eat?

Where your brain is having a constant tug of war over whether to eat the “good” food or the “bad” food?

It’s totally exhausting, right?

And at some point, you may find yourself just eating the food that you know won’t help with your weight loss… just to get your brain to shut up about it.

A lot of these struggles are created because we have been taught to be disempowered in our eating choices.

Making a choice about food doesn’t have to feel hard.

Even when you decide to say no to a food you really love.

(Yes- This is totally true)

I spent years of my life thinking that I would always struggle when certain foods were around (Hello Wendy’s Fries!) or in certain situations (Hello, post call carb cravings!).

It never even crossed my mind that food choices could be simple.

The first step is empowering yourself in your food decisions.

Honouring the fact that as an adult, you can eat anything you like… BUT ALSO honouring the fact that you have reasons why you might not want to eat #allthethings.

Use the roadmap above to build empowerment in your food choices.

Pause. Ask yourself some questions about both options. And then make a decision and move on.

No decision is permanent.

No food is truly scarce.

There will always be another chance. Another choice.

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