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Interview with Dr. Sunny Smith

This week I had the pleasure of sitting down with Dr. Sunny Smith to discuss recent research into the benefits of coaching for physicians. If you have ever wondered what life coaching has to offer physicians, you should check out the podcast episode below. There is a building body of research into coaching for physicians and the improvements it can offer in their professional and personal lives.

Sunny Smith MD FAAFP is a Clinical Professor of Family Medicine and Public Health at the University of California San Diego School of Medicine.  She focuses her academic career on medical student education and underserved medicine.  She has published in many peer reviewed journals including JAMA. 

She is featured in documentaries about physician distress and cares deeply about this issue. 

After a bike accident in Moorea left her with broken arms and facial bones, she stumbled onto the podcasts of Brooke Castillo and Dr. Katrina Ubell. She discovered that coaching was so transformative in her own life that she decided train with them and became a certified coach through The Life Coach School. 

She combines coaching along with her experience as a medical educator with the goal of improving the lives of other physicians (and her love of overwater bungalows) through podcasts, coaching, and retreats.

Find Sunny at and be sure to check out her podcast: Empowering Women Physicians   


Coaching Makes Everything Better!

With the Weight Solutions for Physicians Private coaching program, the focus in on losing weight for the last time and feeling in control of eating even on the busiest days. But coaching improves every aspect of your day.. Stress levels decrease, your mind is calmer and the bumps in the day don’t throw you off track anymore. Burnout starts to ease and the days just feel better.

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