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Interview with Dr. Robert Cywes

This week on the podcast, I have the pleasure of interviewing Dr. Robert Cywes. Dr. Cywes is Dual Board Certified in General Surgery and in Pediatric Surgery. He specializes in Pediatric and Adult obesity, diabetes and metabolic management including PCOS, Lipedema and other endocrine disorders. His focus is on helping people understand and treat the true cause of their endocrine/metabolic disease including obesity and diabetes. 

After completing his pediatric surgery fellowship at the University of Michigan’s C.S. Mott Children’s Hospital, Dr. Cywes was appointed as an Assistant Professor of Pediatric and Fetal Surgery at Vanderbilt University in Nashville, Tennessee where he did hepatic stem cell research. During this time, Dr. Cywes became increasingly interested in adolescent obesity and the impact of carbohydrates on the liver and endocrine/metabolic syndrome in young patients.

Dr. Cywes’ research led to a comprehensive understanding of the toxicity of chronic excessive carbohydrate consumption as the primary cause of obesity and so-called obesity-related co-morbidities. In the late 1990s Dr Cywes understood that the prevailing treatment of obesity using a Calories in, Calories out (CICO) model was erroneous, and he developed the Carbohydrate Insulin Model of Obesity and Diabetes (CIMOD). Using this model in combination with his understanding of the psychology of addiction, he developed a clinical program to treat obese adolescents using this approach. 

He now works with a highly experienced team of professionals from a variety of medical sub-specialties to better care for obese patients. He has developed the practice into a internationally recognized Center of Excellence for obesity and metabolic management. The practice uses a cognitive behavioral therapy approach that addresses carbohydrate as addictive substances rather than from a caloric perspective to help patients manage the cause of their disease into remission.

Based on his extensive clinical research and observations, Dr. Cywes lectures internationally regarding the physiological impact of carbohydrate consumption as the primary cause of the current Chronic Non-Communicable Disease (CNCDs) epidemic including PCOS and gestational diabetes.  He also lectures on the behavioral aspects of carbohydrate addiction as the cause of obesity and obesity-related co-morbidities and the use of substance abuse methodology, rather than a diet and exercise approach, to the effective long term treatment of obesity. Dr Cywes firmly believes that metabolic disease, obesity and diabetes are not treated by surgery, however, surgery may be a invaluable tool along the journey of becoming carbohydrate-free.

Check out Dr. Cywes at and on YouTube, Facebook and Instagram under carbaddictiondoc.

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