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How do You Manage Discomfort?

Discomfort is a fact of life. It can show up in many different forms. It can be triggered by many different situations. And it can be a real barrier to long term weight loss.

Discomfort often triggers a desire to move away from it. To escape. To not experience it. For a lot of us, that escape presents itself in the form of food and overeating.

Here is the truth… Eating does not avoid discomfort. When we try to avoid discomfort, we are only choosing a different type of discomfort. The discomfort still exists.

An example would be, I feel stressed and don’t want to experience that discomfort. So I reach for some food as a learned behaviour to get relief from the discomfort. My brain will tell me that the food is the solution – that eating will make the discomfort go away. And it does… But only for a brief moment. Then I am left with the same stress and also have some discomfort from eating off my plan or feeling physically full. Then my brain would recognize that the discomfort isn’t solved and would suggest more food. And on we go… The original discomfort is actually still there and I have added layers of additional discomfort from eating and feeling out of control.

In this example, I chose a different path that still led to discomfort. If all the paths lead to some form of discomfort, maybe just staying where we are and experiencing the original discomfort is the simplest path.

Discomfort is Your Path to Weight Loss

Listen to this week’s podcast below to hear more about how to intentionally choose the discomfort you experience. By being intentional with your choices, you are far more likely to stick to your original plans and not be swayed by discomfort. You can build confidence in yourself that you can experience any discomfort and still stay on track with your weight loss.



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