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There is more to the story 


How long have you looked for a weight loss solution that was effective and actually lasted?  


The problem isnt with you and it might not be with the way of eating you are following. The problem is that diets address a small piece of the complicated puzzle that is human weight loss and weight maintenance. 


Knowing what to eat is important.  But it is such a small piece. 


Knowing how to eat that way consistently for the long term, while enjoying the food and with a sense of ease is a far better description of the whole puzzle.  Thats what long term weight loss looks like. 


And knowing how to eat consistently in the long term… Even on the busy days… Even when you feel like you dont have time… Even when you feel exhausted… that takes skills that diets dont teach us. 


When we follow a diet to lose weight, we traditionally depend on willpower.  We work on just getting through and strong arming our way to success.  The problem with that approach is that the strong arm approach only goes so far.  We run out of the energy to keep wrestling with our diet. 


A better way is possible.  When you learn how to understand your eating then you can change it without willpower.  Really understanding in a compassionate way why you eat when you do and why certain foods are appealing to you helps find solutions that are simple and fit into your life. 


Thats what I do as a coach. I help my clients understand their eating in a way they havent before. And I help them see the easy way through. 


Listen to this weeks episode to learn more about why diets alone arent the solution.  And if you want help find the easy path in your own weight loss journey, click here to learn more about how I can help you. 


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