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Almost everything you were ever taught about weight loss was wrong.

Including what you were taught in medical school.

True story.

Now, don’t panic. This is good news.

Because if we are being honest, the stuff we have been taught isn’t what we actually want to be doing.

That’s why we don’t do it consistently. Because it sucks.

Let’s join together and start rejecting all of the pieces of diet culture that we don’t like (and aren’t helpful) like..

👉 Feeling like your size or weight defines your worth or success
👉 Trying to reach weight goals by feeling restricted all the time
👉 Wrestling with willpower as your main tool to choose between the burger or salad
👉 Berating yourself about your food choices
👉 Looking to outside sources for the wisdom to create weight loss in your life

What are the parts of diet culture that you would most like to reject?

Lasting weight loss takes empowering yourself in a process you enjoy.

It takes understanding how your brain thinks about food and the roles food is currently playing in your life. With compassion.

I didn’t always think this way. These beliefs, and the tools I teach have been developed from years of working with people on creating sustainable change in their eating and weight.

This week in the podcast, I’m sharing how my approach to weight loss has evolved over the years and why I am so passionate about finding ways to create enjoyment and ease in the weight loss process.

Listen to the full podcast episode below.

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