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What would you say if I stopped you on the street and asked if you are thriving right now?

If you are like many physicians right now, this question might make you burst out laughing in my face.  Or maybe you would even feel a little irritated that I had asked it.

It’s ok – I can take it 😁

Because we as physicians are decidedly #notthriving right now 

(and maybe we never were)

The reality is medical training taught us how to hustle.  How to work hard and push ourselves.  It did not teach us how to work at this high level while also respecting our needs as an individual.

And then throw having kids into that…  And add in all the other roles you play in your life…

It’s no surprise that you may find yourself looking around at the life you dreamed about… asking yourself… Is this it??? 

(I’ve totally been there – many times..)

And this #notthriving impacts your weight and eating.  It is impossible to expect yourself to magically stick to a diet when you are just making it through your days.  It just doesn’t work.

There is a better way.

It is possible to lose weight in a way that makes your life better, not harder.

You can be a busy physician in a challenged system and feel like you are thriving in your life.

Not only is it possible…

But you deserve to thrive

And as your coach, I will be here fighting for your right to thrive in the life you worked so hard to create.

Your first step is to listen to this week’s podcast. It’s a good one! Listen below.

Second step is to get your name on the invitation list for my brand new physician-only program:

Thrive Academy for Physicians

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This is the program that will change your life & your weight.  You will lose weight while creating ease and enjoyment in the process and learn how to thrive in all the other areas of your life too.

When the doors open, I will be offering a limited number of founding member spots.  You don’t want to miss out on this – it comes with a significant discount!

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