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Ever find yourself snacking and wondering if you are really hungry?

Hear people talk about stress eating but not sure if that really describes you?

There are so many different labels and descriptions around, no wonder you feel confused at times.

In this week’s podcast, I’m breaking down my tips for sorting out what type of eating you are doing.

The reality is, this (like many other aspects of human life) is often layered and nuanced. Overeating won’t always fit into a nice little box. Often it is a little of column A and a little of column B with a splash of Column C.

But you don’t need exact labels to feel more in control with your eating.

Is it stress eating, emotional eating or eating just because you like food? It honestly doesn’t really matter.

What matters is that you take the time to be curious about why the eating shows up when it does and speak nicely to yourself.

Eating is never good or bad. But overeating often represents something more than just a need for fuel.

Just trying to not eat in those moments will have limited success (and will take a lot of energy)

But when you can really get curious and look for the driving factors, you can create lasting change in your eating without working harder.

Learn more about how to do this in your life by listening to this week’s Thriving As A Physician podcast episode below.

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